April 28, 2022 - Hall 2


Targeted sustainability through 20 years 
Tonje Kaada, General Manager, Øyafestivalen 

In 2019, Øyafestivalen was named the world's greenest festival. The festival tells how they have worked holistically with sustainability for almost 20 years, how they measure their own footprint and how they work to create a positive handprint.

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The climate boost of the times for cultural Norway 
Mads Astrup Rønning, Creative Director / Partner, Babushka

In 2019, the film company Babushka initiated the tool Green Producers Club for the commercial film industry. Initiator Mads Astrup Rønning tells the story of how a small, private initiative in commercial film grew to become a research-based tool for the entire cultural sector to cut and measure CO2 footprint.

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Top up with fruit, nuts and plant-based ice cream


Short-haul media choices and responsible marketing 
Iselin Stensrud, Advisor and Sustainability Director, Mindshare

The climate crisis is the biggest challenge of our time, but sustainability is more than climate. In order for us to be able to change attitudes and actions, we depend on a peaceful and inclusive society. Here, media and communication play an important role in disseminating facts and we as marketers have great influence with our message and media choices. 

Iselin Stensrud will highlight some of the areas where the marketing and communications department can contribute to a more sustainable media ecosystem. As marketers, whether in an agency, media or in a company, our mission is to meet the right people with the right message to trigger an action, and get the most for your money. The companies most of us work in or for have started their zero-emission journey, and we who work with communication must also do ours. 

It can be about how we communicate to the target group about this journey, or influence them to make the most sustainable choice. On the other hand, we should also take into account that the message and media choices we make have ripple effects beyond our own business. In the post, we will highlight some of those effects.

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Sustainable privacy 
Erik Bugge, CEO, Kobler

The fact that digital marketing is complicated is often used as an excuse for not understanding how customers' personal data is misused. The fact that the competitor uses dubious advertising products from the giants is also no reason to violate customers' human rights - perhaps rather the opposite? Green Camp is about sustainability, and specifically about communication of sustainability. But shouldn't the communication of sustainability also be sustainable? 

Most advertising products in the market today are based on tracking individuals who violate the right to privacy in the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and more specifically, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In addition, the research project shows that as much as 25% of the internet's global CO2 emissions can be due to such tracking.

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The value of communicating green - at the right time
Peer Velde, General Manager, 3stepIT

Few companies had started working on sustainability and circular economy in 1997. But Peer's company had it, they just did not know it themselves. Peer takes you through an exciting journey from 1997 to today, where you can really see the value of communicating sustainability in good ways. Key words are communication at the right time, and a good dose of patience. 

It is about the effect of marketing and how the company underwent a transformation and changed from being a conservative IT financing company to becoming a leading company in sustainable IT. Along the way, 3stepIT experienced the financial consequences and the practical challenges that come with sustainability and circular economy. Today, delivering a sustainable product is not enough. You also have to live as you learn and that in itself can be demanding. At a time when green cleaning can get you canceled, many people are afraid of not being green enough.

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Sustainable art
Pål Dailey / Dino Serrao, artists, Oslo Art Company 

At Green Camp you get to experience some of the work of the artists Pål Dailey and Dino Serrao inside Klingenberg. And you will get to know them better in a separate lecture where they tell how they use art to communicate a message related to sustainability. 

Pål Daily is a 28-year-old artist who grew up in Larvik. He has 2 passions in this life; art and nature experiences. In recent years, he has explored various ways to combine these, most recently with a series of works based on driftwood he himself has collected on the shore. The series was first shown in Stavern earlier this month, and he has brought parts of this here to us. 

Dino Serrao is a 35-year-old Italian street photographer. In recent years, he has devoted himself to his life's work "People of the World". With this project he wants to show that all people are beautiful, regardless of race, age or social status. Dino travels around the world and takes pictures of random people he meets on his way. He shares the photos and video of the process on social media. This has so far given him i.a. 2,2 million followers on Tik Tok and 354.000 on Instagram. This winter, you may have seen him as a guest at Lindmo on NRK.

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