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How values ​​affect reputation and sales 
Hege Nilsen, General Manager, Stormberg

Stormberg's commitment to society is rooted in our values. In Stormberg, the values ​​of sustainability and inclusion are central - they are part of our DNA. We know that diversity creates growth and innovation, so we work actively to ensure that diversity is our strategy in a few years. Happiness for everyone. Diversity communicated through our vision. 

Brands will make money, but we also believe that brands in 2022 will earn a community by using their voice. Even in those cases, taking a stand in the public debate carries a risk. Perhaps it is precisely in such cases that it is important that companies dare to get involved. One must dare to mean something - even if not everyone agrees. It is not about choosing someone away, but about standing up for what you think is right. Even in those cases, taking a stand in the public debate carries a risk. Perhaps it is precisely in such cases that it is important that companies dare to get involved. 

In Stormberg, we believe in standing up for this planet in different ways. It is about inclusive working life, sustainable production and diversity - where there is room for the fauna that belongs in Norwegian nature, the people who live here and all the different opinions they may have.

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How can communication be a key to a faster transition to sustainability?    
Per Espen Stoknes, Associate Professor, BI

Per Espen Stoknes is a TED Global Speaker, educated psychologist with a doctorate in green economics and works as an associate professor and head of the BI Center for Sustainability and Energy. At Green Camp, he will talk about how sustainable communication can be both an obstacle and a key to faster change. 

Per Espen Stoknes is also an author, with the latest book «Green Growth - A healthy economy for the 21st century». The book "What we think when we try not to think about global warming" (2017) was the starting point for his TED talk which has been seen over 3,2 million times. He has also been appointed by the EU Commission as a member of the Europe Horizon Mission Board for Climate and Social Transformation to 2030. 

He is a co-founder of several environmental technology companies, and has extensive experience as a lecturer and business consultant in scenario-based strategies.

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Changing people's behavior
Julie Marie Følstad, Climate Pilot for the Norwegian Climate Agency

The Climate Agency sees communication as a separate measure to cut the city's emissions. Emission cuts can not only be adopted, and therefore the Climate Agency is working to find effective communication initiatives to reach the population of Oslo and to change people's behavior. 

Young people are a priority target group, partly because we know that young people in recent years have taken the climate issue as one of their major issues and because it is important to be out early and build up knowledge about climate and the environment. Not all young people are out demonstrating, but many are curious and want the topic to be taken seriously and not least they want to build up their own competence. Therefore, the Climate Agency has engaged several young climate pilots who are out in the schools and give climate lectures. The initiative started in 2019, and over the course of three years, the climate pilots have traveled around and given lectures to thousands of students in Oslo's upper secondary and upper secondary schools. 

Climate pilot Julie Følstad comes to Green Camp and tells about the inspiring job as a climate pilot and what it is like to talk to young people about climate. She shares experiences on how to actually reach them. What themes trigger the interest of young people? What are they curious about? Are they really as climate-committed as rumor has it?

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Dishwashing after greenwashing
Kjell S. Rakkenes, Executive Vice President, Communications and Sustainability, Nortura

Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade. Last summer, Nortura admitted greenwashing, after unfortunate communication from an advertisement for pork in 2019. The advertisement became a lesson, and Nortura did the dishwashing after the greenwashing. Kjell S. Rakkenes will take us on a sustainability journey about what went wrong and what they have been working on since the ad.

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In the name of openness
Kristin Fjeld, Head of Communications, Polestar

The business community is really about to realize that everyone must contribute if the world is to achieve the goals in climate and sustainability. At the same time, we continue to discuss sustainability communication and how challenging this can be. Repeated surveys show that we Norwegians are skeptical about whether the business community actually does as they say, and the business community undercommunicates as a result of the fear of saying something wrong or being accused of greenwashing. 

Consumers find it difficult to know what is sustainable and what is not. It's time for rake communication puck - share risk and emissions, compare and be completely specific. Openness drives better solutions together with others and makes it easier for customers to make purchasing decisions that are actually more sustainable. And when customers choose what is right for the planet, it again has an effect on business and politicians.

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Welcome 2030!
Siri Norhagen, Sustainability Manager, IKEA Norway  

IKEA will be 100% circular and climate positive by 2030. The goal has been shared highly and clearly in external communication in recent years. Green Camp Sustainability Manager Siri Norhagen comes to Green Camp to talk about how they work with goals, ambitions and communication around IKEA's sustainability agenda. 

What do they succeed in, and where do they meet resistance? What experiences can we take with us on the way to a more circular future, across industries?

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Naturli's plant-based journey  
Ingrid Håvik, Product Manager Naturli ', Orkla 

The food value chain accounts for ¼ of global climate emissions. To achieve the UN's 1,5 degree goal, emissions from food must be halved by 2030. Raw materials alone account for 70-90% of emissions, so if we are to reach the climate goals, we must eat differently in the future. The most effective thing we can do is replace red meat with plants. Consumers have good intentions and want to eat and live more sustainably, but there is still a big gap between intention and action. This is where Naturli 'comes into the picture. As a supplier of 100% plant-based products, we have a responsibility and strong desire to hide people from the fence so that they open their eyes to how digg plant-based food can be. 

Since its launch in February 2020, Naturli 'has taken a number 3 position in the market. We have gained a lot of experience and insight into what it takes to reach everyone with our communication, not just those who define themselves as vegans / vegetarians today. We believe that if everyone does a little, they will go much further than if a few do a lot and we want to drive that change forward by leading the way as a brand to influence consumers to choose more sustainably. We look forward to sharing our experiences with you at Green Camp 2022.

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Sustainability is our DNA
Christian Lodgaard, Executive Vice President, Brand and Environment / Marianne Otterdahl Møller, Marketing Director, Group

The Norwegian furniture group Flokk hired its first environmental manager in the early 90s, and has followed its own principles for sustainable design and product development since then. At Green Camp, Christian and Marianne will talk about how this work scales and communication is challenged, when the products are sold in over 80 countries. 

What is important to us is to make sustainability, not just communicate it. Sustainability is part of the company's DNA and something the employees are very proud of. But how do we work to turn this pride into something that provides customer value? How do you ensure that communication is not perceived as greenwashing? How do we communicate when the communication is to reach both public purchasers, architects, designers and private individuals? And not least - as an international company, how do we relate to different standards and focus areas for sustainability in different countries? We look forward to sharing our experiences at Green Camp, and look forward to learning from everyone else! 

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The green stairs
Hilde Thoresen, Head of Sustainability, NRK

In all industries, action is now being taken to ensure a more sustainable future. NRK tells about how they have worked with the strategic model the green stairs. The model provides a good framework for change in any organization. 

Sustainability manager Hilde Thoresen shares experiences of what it is like to work in a network and communicate a green boost in a large media group with more than 150 occupational groups. In the green network, the drama director meets the manager of the car fleet, the engineer meets the manager of the make-up and the HR director meets the critical excavation journalist. Common to all is the goal of thinking green in everything we do and contributing to a greener production industry.

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Fresh air and fresh drinks from Farris


Sustainability = Business
Britt Nilsen, Head of Sustainability, Schibsted  

Communication and marketing are a very important part of sustainability work. Sustainability is about taking responsibility and being transparent with both the positive and negative impacts that a company has on society and the environment, in both the short and long term. When you want to find out what to work on sustainability and what has the greatest effect, you must first ask all the stakeholders of the company. This is for Schibsted the employees, potential employees, readers, users, major advertisers, business partners, investors, authorities and the board. 

After you have established what the sustainability work should consist of, what are the long-term ambitions and the more short-term goals, you must regularly communicate back to the stakeholders about how it is going. Are we able to achieve the goals and ambitions? If so, how? If not, why not? Since sustainability is a large and comprehensive area, it is also extremely important to use marketing that can visualize the best possible and of course avoid greenwashing. 

We also have great faith in engaging Schibsted's employees in sustainability work and do so through an internal Sustainability Change Maker program. These changemakers are perfect representatives who take communication and marketing further into the organization.

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Green influence
Nikolai Mathiesen, General Manager / Hanne-Lene Dahlgren, Sustainability Manager, Team Tomorrow

How do you get people to change their habits? You get the people they listen to. To achieve the sustainability goals, we must bring more people on the journey. Many influencers have strong communication skills and get the attention of many important target groups. So how can we use those forces to create a greener future? 

Team Tomorrow is the country's first influencer agency that sets green requirements for all collaborations. They want to change an entire industry to work for the future. At Green Camp, the founders Hanne-Lene Dahlgren and Nikolai Mathisen will share how they work to evaluate collaboration and how they communicate sustainability using some of the country's highest and most important voices on the team.

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Saturday Council - sustainability special
Host Live Nelvik, advisors Jonis Josef, Jenny Skavlan and Christian Lodgaard

The Saturday council, led by Live Nelvik, will, together with advisers Jonis Josef, Jenny Skavlan and Christian Lodgaard, round out Green Camp with a sustainability special. Do you have questions about sustainability challenges in your workplace, about how to deal with difficult colleagues, about eating burgers when you are actually a vegetarian, about how to deal with the fact that your company only pretends that they are concerned about sustainability? Or maybe you are in love with a colleague? The counselors are ready to address any kind of issue. 

If you have questions for the Saturday Council, find out and send to marked with «Green Camp».

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