Thanks to everyone who participated in the camp!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the camp!

Green Camp - the conference for marketing and communication of sustainability.

On April 28, the camp was held at Klingenberg cinema. A whole day filled with knowledge to give impetus to the future in sustainability work. With lectures from, among others, NRK, Schibsted, IKEA, Nortura and Øyafestivalen, as well as a workshop from Awake, which provided guidance, inspiration and tools in the work with sustainability and communication. The camp was led by Jenny Skavlan as a lecturer.



The day consisted of a packed program with lectures and workshops in 3 halls at Klingenberg cinema.  Click on the halls below to see the program overview.

Cinema 1

The program for the main hall with lectures throughout the day can be found here.

Cinema 2

The program for room 2 with lectures through parts of the day can be found here.

Cinema 4

Workshop on how to communicate sustainability. Attend either before or after lunch.

After the lectures, it was After Camp in Polestar's premises in Øvre Slottsgate 7 with music, finger food and drinks, where the conversations continued. 

Saturday Council

Saturday Council

- a sustainability special

The Saturday council, led by Live Nelvik, presented a sustainability special. Advisors in the panel consisted of Jonis Josef, Christian Lodgaard from Flokk and Jenny Skavlan.

There were questions about sustainability challenges in the workplace, how to deal with difficult colleagues, sneaking a burger when you are actually a vegetarian, and how to deal with the fact that your company only pretends that they are concerned about sustainability. And a little about the lack of toilet paper.

The advisers were ready to address any issue. 



At Green Camp, there were a number of lectures throughout the day in two halls. In addition, the participants had the opportunity to participate in Awake's workshop on communication of sustainability.

How to communicate sustainability?
Finally, you can get help finding the direction of your sustainability communication! Awake takes you on a journey where the goal is to gain a better understanding of how you can convey your sustainability history.

Together, we go through playful tasks where you get help to prioritize your message, find your heart's desire and lift up the unique with your sustainability work. In addition, you get insight into what is important to think about when it comes to communication of sustainability.

- How can you create engagement?
- How can you secure the process and avoid greenwashing?
- How can you talk about the challenges?

Get insight into a tool that you can easily take with you further. We will inspire you to communicate sustainability with pride.

If you want to attend Awake's workshop, do not be afraid to miss something from the other halls. We record all lectures that you can watch afterwards.

Awake, Camilla Elise Berg, General Manager / Marte Alstad Hansen, Creative Manager

Thanks for this year!

At Green Camp we created a good festival atmosphere. It was a day with inspiring lectures and workshops, digg food and snacks throughout the day. 

Thanks to everyone who came and contributed on stage, in the halls and premises!

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