Release the cuttings - it's ours!

Release the cuttings!

When Forlaget Nord contacted us and asked if we could help them with the marketing of the book Stiklinger, we shouted YES! For this book is exactly what we need now that we are trapped in our homes. The book is a vitamin bomb and full of beautiful pictures and not least good advice on how to get cuttings.

Daniel Rodrigo Qvale and Andreas Qvale Hovland are behind the book, together with Forlaget Nord. Cuttings are the boys' great passion, and we recommend you follow the boys on instagram under the account @Plant_Papis (in addition to buying the book of course).

Nr. 17 has helped Forlaget Nord with marketing the book on social media. Thank you for the top cooperation!

PS! If the bookstore is closed, the book can be purchased here or

A visual profile is created

Release the cuttings!

Need help with your visual profile? Here we tell how we have worked with our visual profile.

Visual profile is important for all brands. The visual profile should say something about the brand's personality and preferably something about the ambitions as well. In addition, it is important that the visual profile stands out from the crowd and competitors. The visual elements are also important for creating a holistic brand impression that gives the right associations. This insight was the backdrop when we contacted our partner Marte Alstad Hansen in Awake.

A new visual profile is created.

For Nr. 17 it was important to create a visual profile that was based on our values, cooperation, creativity and sustainability. The profile was developed in close collaboration with Marte;

- When we designed the logo, the idea was to create something that was safe, playful and durable. It should look steady and at the same time be interesting to look at.

Marte developed several directions for us, but the choice eventually fell on the visual profile we have today. We felt that this profile said something about both the personality of the company and our ambitions.

Logo and own symbol.

The collaboration formula has also been expressed through the symbol Marthe has developed for Nr. 17. The symbol in the logo stands for cooperation between several parties. We in Nr. 17 is convinced that you create and change best together. Our company consists of many small, and some large, communication and marketing environments, so collaboration is in many ways the cornerstone and our key value. But the symbol also represents sustainability; Climate and environment, social responsibility and economic growth.

The importance of colors.

For us, it was important to have a wide range of colors, and with the colors chosen, we feel that the profile has become both playful and flexible. The colors symbolize power, energy, growth, harmony, stability and reliability.

Need help with visual profile?

Feel free to contact us if you need help with visual profile or graphic design. We have several good partners in this area, including Marte from Awake.