Thanks to Ken-Asbjørn Paulsen

Thanks to Ken-Asbjørn Paulsen

When you start a company, there are a huge number of things to get acquainted with and get in place. The company will be founded, you need an agreement with the bank, maybe you will have partners, an accounting system will be chosen and an email account will be set up. Another important aspect is; what should the company be called? There are probably more who recognize themselves in this, and who have spent many hours finding the perfect name. The same story has Nr. 17 AS. In working with the company's values, we were inspired by the UN's sustainability goal no. 17, which deals with cooperation to achieve the goals.

For Nr. 17 AS partnership and cooperation is the most important value and driver in the company. With our hands on our hearts, we believe that this is exactly what is needed to bring about change for all types of companies, and for the rest of the world. When the name Nr. 17 therefore came up, the disappointment was very great when it turned out that the domain was unfortunately taken. The domain was owned by Ken-Asbjørn Paulsen. A pensioner from Moss, who so far did not use the domain .. The joy was nothing less than GREAT, when Ken-Asbjørn wanted to pass on the domain because he had faith in our idea and wanted to be part of and contribute to this entrepreneurial journey.

THANK YOU very much Ken-Asbjøn, because you had faith in us and wanted to support us. We will roll up our sleeves and work for the company to deliver on our values. Ps… hope the wine tasted great

The marketing managers go to Bergen

Thanks to Ken-Asbjørn Paulsen

When a company as solid and pleasant as the Marketing Managers wants assistance with business development, then of course you shout YES to it!

The company Markedssjefene is a Marketing for hire agency, which until recently was only established in Oslo. Nr. 17 has been fortunate to assist the Marketing Managers with business strategy and the establishment of a brand new department in Bergen.

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And who knows, maybe Nr. 17 will join the journey further?

Our first customer; Women Investor Network Norway

Thanks to Ken-Asbjørn Paulsen
Imagine being allowed to work with the establishment of an investor program for women in Norway! WIN is a new initiative that wants to train women to invest and take control of their own finances. The investment program goes in depth throughout the investment process and all the female participants have the opportunity to learn from Norwegian and international experts in the field. In addition to being an investment program, WIN is also a network, where women can learn from each other, evaluate investment opportunities and invest together. It has been an educational and exciting journey to get to know Women Investor Network Norway (WIN). Nr. 17 has worked with WIN's communication strategy, design and distribution of press releases and active work with the media to ensure editorial coverage. Nr. 17 has also been WIN's press contact ahead of the launch of the investor program. In addition to the communication and press work, we have also produced films for use in social media.
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